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Driven Sports are recognised as one of the most innovative brands in sports nutrition. Their products stand apart from the competition due to their innovative formulas, unique ingredient profiles and proven performance enhancement. Following the huge success of products like Lean Xtreme, Triazole and Craze, Driven Sports have now launched a new pre-workout that early signs suggest will take the pre-workout market by storm. Enter…..Frenzy!!


Mouth-Watering Flavours

Frenzy has been formulated to deliver improved focus, enhanced performance and a huge surge of energy to power you through even the toughest training session. Frenzy will be available in two mouth-watering flavours from launch, orange and fruit punch. Feedback from the lucky few who have tried it is overwhelmingly positive for both taste and performance.

All You Need For Great Results

30 Min Before Training

Performance Enhancement

Improves drive, focus and performance

Tremendous energy enhancer

Lasts for 3-4 hours enabling long workouts and night time usage


Limitless Energy

Comparisons with Driven Sports’ previous hit pre-workout supplement Craze, are inevitable but it seems Driven Sports went back to the drawing board with Frenzy. This is another industry-leading pre-workout in the making, no doubt, but the formula and effects are all new.  Testers describe Frenzy giving clean, limitless energy, intense urgency and the drive to keep on lifting way beyond usual limits.  The effects of Frenzy are long-lasting, powerful and unlike anything experienced from a pre-workout before. This is a supplement not to be missed.

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